St. Ambrose Church & Rectory

Institutional Construction
in Porterfield, OH

This Catholic worship center of stone, wood, and glass earned two awards for design and construction. It received a "Builder’s Award" from Masonry Construction Magazine and an award in "Excellence in Concrete Design" from the Ohio Concrete Masonry Association. The worship space is the focal point of this structure, with a spacious gathering place filled with light. The semicircular design accommodates 450 parishioners, enabling everyone to be within 40 feet of the altar. The wall sections, at 15 degree angles from each other, allow sunlight to shine through the 30 feet tall stain glass windows that throw brilliant colors across the interior shadow block walls. The complex also contains a social hall for 400, an education wing on two levels, and a rectory to accommodate two priests. The exterior focus is a 70 foot tower modeling a scroll of Scripture being unrolled with a 40 foot cross sitting atop the tower.

Project Info

Diocese of Steubenville

Shremshock Architects

Project Manager:
John A. Humpe, III

Project Superintendent:
John Costello